the world in the bush
yuji takahashi

the year 2004
black clouds covering the sky
hot winds wirling in the ocean
hurricanes in jamaica typhoon in uchina [okinawa]
earthquakes after quakes tsunami crossing the globe
blowing down houses lands sliding rivers flooding
dead are children mothers old persons
not a soul in villages towns blackout

the world is still in the bush
slipping falling in the mud
no way out in the dark

not caring the rage of nature
mankind killing each other scrambling
with no mercy in 2004
day in day out dealing in futures
invisible money going in going out of borders
poor in south working in bondage
refugees or illegal immigrants
middle class in north insecure living with no future
yet indulging in affluence

the world is still in the bush
fettered with neoliberalism
growth curve without end

the rich collecting more money
those in power displaying more power
for the axis of evil
to wars and air raids
searching for weak countries
great eagle followed by
poodle in the west
pup in the east
searching for weak countries
exposing to state terrorism
depleted uranium and cluster bombs
scattering in hails
never mind decifit finances
never mind the climate change
war industries profit first

the world is still in the second term of Bush
in progressing structural adjustments
TRIPped by NeoCons

now the year 2005
only the calendar is new
how long will the world last in the bush

(for <Suigyu> jan. 2005)



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