gertrude - a portrait
yuji takahashi

(from words jotted down during the workshop i gave on gertrude stein's opera)

kitten playing kids playing
this stretch and room where little ones moving around
not too wide not too big
an unobstructed view to every detail
fine lines broken again starting
searching colliding entangled
parallel files from left to right
moving in chains before and behind

children of words every body
begin anytime
crooning again and again changing
lifting up and over fall of voices flowing
returning and spreading everyday circles
hesitation waves after waves of stairs

rosary trees ant leaves
a parade slowly narrating
unordered with no picture
madeup silhouettes here and there
morning light moving about weightlessly
the sense of distance pressed upon paper
talking evading
white space in process of being covered with black spots
leafing through dazzling but wrapped
just a landscape in a book




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