On intercultural criteria for contemporary music

Dear Lena Dražic,
Österreichische Musikzeitschrift

I won't simplify the cultural matters as you summarize. Anthropologists, for example, James Clifford, noticed the phenomena of so-called transposition, that is, the strategical adoption of other cultural vocabulary to defamiliarize or subvert the dominant values. You may want to establish some criteria, and I think it is not the time to judge yet. Wiener Schule is now accepted, but who knows in 500 years. That Avant-garde is rejected at first but the posterity would understand them better, is just another myth of infinite progress, as of the infinite economic growth of the capitalist society, is it not?

Creative composers (and performers as well) have doubts the established criteria and try different ways. Critics introduce new ways of looking at the same old masterpieces. Rules are to be broken. Criteria change with creation and vice versa.

So who try to establish a new set of criteria only to be contradicted by another prospect  of music?

I rather dream of not-yet-conscious of Ernst Bloch in music than consolidate the already-done.
But you are at a different position to work out this project, perhaps, and you will find many (and better) musicians who will contribute.

with best wishes

yuji takahashi